Welcome to the BIOME

Welcome to the website of BIOME (an acronym for BIOMEdical Engineering), an SFUO-registered club at the University of Ottawa dedicated to enhancing Ottawa awareness of the biomedical engineering field (which currently seems to lie in the category of cool potential professions your high school guidance counselor never told you about).






    What We Do:

Community: Spreading knowledge of Biomedical Engineering across campus and the greater community, etc. Meetings, Lectures, and Presentations on what BME's do and new developments in the field. Seminars and Minicourses. Workshops when available.
Competitions: (i.e. Senior Design Projects)

BIOME volunteers or is associated with several organizations including March of Dimes Canada (through its DesignAbility Program), the TETRA Society, and the Ottawa Hospital's Rehabilitation Engineering Service (through the TRC Resource Center). These organizations function to transform the lives of persons with disabilities by making it easier for them to carry out activities independently through innovative, custom-built assisted devices which often relate to the biomedical engineering spirit in a more simple, DIY sense. Funding is raised through different fundraising events, and other means and donations. Promoting our products allows us to raise awareness of how important this form of engineering can be to patients in the community. These devices are often virtually designed using the "Axure RP Pro" software. We are also seeking association with the Biomedical Engineering Society.

Yearly Keynote Panel:

Internship and Post-Undergrad Panels:

Student/Faculty Events:

Engineering Mixers:

Networking Events:


Company Info-Sessions and Off-Campus Tours:

Mentoring: (Can take diff forms, i.e. helping people in gng course connect with patients who need AD, access points for mentorships, teaching people about getting grants, match up upper and lower class men, BIOME Advisor, connect students to research oppurtunities and resources at uottawa, compare programs and how they help becoming a BME, etc.)


Directory: We will create a directory of biomedical engineering news resources for students at uOttawa to have online and easy access to.